Hydro Multi-S
Hydrophore Systems


Grundfos Hydro Multi-S booster systems consist of two or three identical models of Grundfos CM, CMV or CR pumps, an engine-protected control cabinet and an integrated controller, connected in parallel and mounted on a common skid. Hydro Multi-S pressure booster systems; pre-assembled and tested complete with intake and discharge manifolds, isolation valves, check valves, pressure gauge and pressure switches

System Features

    • Direct lift panel (DOL)

    • ON-OFF controlled pumps

    • Automatic pump replacement

    • Easy-to-use control panel

    • Contact output for alarm signal

    • Easy bypass operation in case of electronic controller failure

    • Automatic operation when dry running failure disappears

    • Manual reset of overload failure

    • Emergency run

    • Chassis: Galvanized collector: AISI 304 stainless steel

Usage areas

    • Offices

    • Schools

    • Hotels

MQ Series
Hydrophore Systems


The MQ pump is a compact design solution that provides water for agricultural and garden operations as well as domestic applications.


    • Flow: Max. 5m3 / h

    • Discharge Height H: Max. 45m

    • Liquid Temperature: Between O˚C and + 35˚C

    • System Pressure: Max. 7.5 bar

Usage areas

    • housing

    • Vacation

    • Farms

    • MQ is suitable for the transfer of drinking and rainwater

SP Series
Submersible Pumps


Grundfos SP submersible pumps stand out with their high efficiency and reliable performance in the series. These pumps, all parts of which are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, are ideal for many applications.
The most advanced technology is used in hydraulic designs. SP pumps have been developed to provide optimum efficiency during periods of high demand.


    • Max. liquid temperature: 40˚C

    • Max. Pump option up to 280m3 / s and 600 m

    • Max. It can be used in liquids containing 50 mg of sand per liter.

Usage areas

    • Groundwater supply

    • Irrigation of vegetable gardens and agricultural areas

    • Lowering the groundwater level

    • Industrial applications

    • Pressurization

CR Series
Vertical Stage Pumps



Designed to meet almost any industrial application, the basic CR pump series offers the widest product range to the pump solutions market. Grundfos has further expanded its CR series with a modular approach.
Four different materials are used in the basic CR pump series: cast iron, two different grades of stainless steel and all titanium.


    • Liquid temperature range: -20˚C + 120˚C

    • Working pressure: 25 bar

Usage areas

    • Process water systems

    • Washing and cleaning systems

    • Sea water systems

    • Alkali and acid transfer

    • Osmosis systems

    • Swimming pools

    • Ultrafiltration systems

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