Dosing Systems

Chlorine dosing systems are one of the most common systems used for disinfection. In addition to its permanent effect, chlorine dosing system is one of the most economical methods. Chlorine dosing units are used to oxidize substances such as nitrite, iron, manganese in water and disinfect impurities such as bacteria and viruses.

On / Off Controlled Dosing Systems

In these systems, dosing is adjusted manually. The amount of chemical to be dosed is adjusted by the stroke value on the pump. As with other dosage pumps, many different fluids can be dosed with these pumps.

ORP Controlled Dosing Systems

ORP controlled systems measure the chemical dosage by measuring the amount of chemical in the water. It stops the dosage or continues dosing by measuring the amount of chemical set. Depending on the set inlet and outlet pH values, chemical dosing starts or stops dosing automatically. In these models, apart from the dosing pump and control panel, there are electrodes (probe) and an analyzer for measurement.

Flow Controlled Dosing Systems

It provides dosing opportunity according to the amount of flowing water in flow control dosing pumps. The meter measures the passing fluid and sends a pulse to the pump, and the pump doses the desired chemical.

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