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Agricultural Irrigation Project

In the Agricultural Irrigation Project we have done, 1,800 m of water per hour from the river channel, which is a branch of the Araz River.3 We bring the water to the mouth of the pumps with pipes with a diameter of 600 and pump it 8,2 km forward with a pressure of 6 bar. In order to make the lands in the region suitable for agriculture, 3,600 m per hour3 water is needed. We are realizing this water with two 560 kw power Pentair Nijhus pumps, two of which are original and spare. These pumps are double suction pumps which we call Split Case. These pumps are easy to maintain and preferred because they are long-lasting. These pumps are 6 km ahead. The main promotion line with a diameter of 800 and a diameter of 400 between them are separated and distributed by water channels. A. O. Smith Su Teknolojileri A.Ş. was the reason for preference. As a result of our negotiations with the company, A. O. Smith Su Teknolojileri A.Ş. They stated that their cooperation will continue with.

First of all, thanks to being product and solution oriented, we gain the trust of our customers. Thanks to the right choices we have made, we are more sensitive and respectful to nature and people in the use of our natural resources. As A. O. Smith Water Technologies family, we have a permanent duty to analyze our customers' needs correctly and to produce optimum solutions in this direction with our expert staff.

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