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Bine Agro - Azerbaijan
Green House Project

A good quality irrigation water is one of the most important factors in growing high quality greenhouse plants.

Poor quality water can cause plants to grow slowly, aesthetic quality of the crop, and in some cases to death of the plant. Highly soluble salts can directly damage the roots, preventing water and nutrient uptake. Salts may accumulate on the leaf edges of the plant, causing the edges to burn. It can negatively affect the pH of the water with high alkalinity, prevent food intake and cause nutritional deficiencies that reduce plant health.

In this regard, Bine Agro, which is always the leader in the market with its 84 hectare indoor greenhouse area, has a high quality product, and preferred A. O. Smith water treatment systems for quality crops. In our 250 m3 / h capacity Greenhouse Water Treatment Project; 2 different types of water sources; By using well water and pond water, the efficiency of the greenhouse has been increased with pre-filtration systems, ultrafiltration system, chemical dosage units and reverse osmosis systems.

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